Can Air Ducts be Cleaned?

Can Air Ducts be cleaned?

The short answer, if done properly, yes. However, this does not mean all air ducts can be cleaned. It is important that the ducts be inspected to determine if cleaning can be accomplished with out damaging the ducts. Tools & techniques for cleaning air ducts have come along way but the HVAC system should still be inspected prior to cleaning. For this reason a reputable company will not give a quote over the phone.

The first step in hiring the right organization to clean your air ducts is hiring a NADCA certified company. NADCA stands for National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Companies possessing this certification have been trained properly to clean air ducts with damaging them or causing cross contamination.

The second step is making sure that not only does the company have the NADCA certification but that the technician performing the cleaning has at a minimum his ASCS (Air System Cleaning specialist) certification.

The third step is making sure that the company cleaning your Air ducts also have their Air Conditioning contractors license. According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, you need an air conditioning contractors license if you remove a diffuser or grill and receive compensation. More importantly, cleaning the air ducts alone does not typically solve most Indoor Air Quality issues.

Many times I have went to a home to inspect the HVAC system and I find that the Air handler or furnace are heavily contaminated with microbial growth. I have even found heavy microbial growth inside of air handlers less than a year old. Only air conditioning contractors are allowed to open or manipulate any part of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system. Why clean your air ducts if you are not going to clean the part that is responsible for causing the air ducts to get dirty in the first place?

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