Aggressive Nicotine and Smoke Removal to restore your property!

Cigarette Smoke and Nicotine Removal

At least 3 times a week, Total Indoor Environmental Solutions receives calls from realtors, sellers and buyers of homes complaining of a repulsive cigarette smoke / Nicotine smell. We receive calls from sellers stating that every time a potential buyer walks in the home, they turn around and walk out due to the terrible smell of cigarette or cigar smoke.  Realtors are frantic that the buyer may walk away because of the smoke smell.

The team at Total Indoor Environmental Solutions are trusted experts at combating this nasty smell with our unique process.

Nicotine residue is sticky, so just cleaning the surface will NOT solve the problem.  In many cases, we must perform a complete remediation of the entire (HVAC) system. This includes the complete inside of the air handler or furnace as well as the duct work.

Smoke and Nicotine odor requires an aggressive multi-step approach

The first step is to clean the entire HVAC system, we will then fog the entire duct system with an EPA registered disinfectant using a duct fogging system. Our unique fogging system can fog every inch of the duct system, not just the air handler. 

We will then complete the process by installing a whole home air purification system that will continue to purify the HVAC system constantly. 

We believe in this air purification system so much that we will warranty the air handler or furnace to be microbial or mold free for up to 10 years!

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