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Are Some rooms HOTTER than others? We use AEROSEAL!We're one of the only companies in Sarasota offering AEROSEAL to seal your duct and save you $$$

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Welcome to TIES 360!

At TIES 360, we look at the HVAC system like a great doctor would look at an ill patient. A great Doctor would determine the root of the problem and address it, not just write a prescription to cover up the symptoms. Our professional consultants at TIES 360 are trained and qualified to find the cause of the Indoor Air Quality issue's.

Our technicians are trained in the complete step-by-step process of cleaning the HVAC system per (NADCA) National Air Duct Cleaning Association standards, gaining a full understanding of not only how we clean to such a high standard, but also why.

Does your air conditioner need service, repair, or maintenance? If you have an old or outdated air conditioning unit, you may be paying too much each month to cool your home. With a new energy efficient unit, you will not only have a temperate climate all year long, but you will begin to see the savings pile up almost immediately! This is Southwest Florida and we know what it is to be without an AC in our hot summer days. Whether you live in Sarasota, North Port, Bradenton, or any of the surrounding areas, we have you covered with both emergency and non emergency Air Conditioner repair or replacement services.

No job is too small for us!

For your home

TIES 360 knows what it takes to serve your home!

When you think about the air that comes through your ducts and the warmth and comfort it brings in winter and summer, you want your family and workers to breathe the healthiest air into their lungs, promoting better health and heightened well being. You want to help prevent illness, allergies, asthma in your children, unpleasant odors and promote optimal conditions for health. This will help cut down on time lost from school or work, and help your family and co-workers be more productive in life. Cleaning your air ducts relieves allergy suffering by removing dust, pollen, animal dander and other allergens from you duct system.

  • Get quality Duct Cleaning from certified professionals you can trust.
  • AC Repair or Installation gets done right the first time, every time.

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For your business

Feel confident that your customers are in a healthy, clean environment

When it comes to indoor air quality, there are no short cuts. Air duct cleaning performed by a professional air duct cleaning company helps control inside air pollution workplace and give your customers the best quality air possible through the heating and air system. This system can be the major cause of your indoor air quality problems. Although these problems can be difficult to deal with and complex in nature,we have the knowledge and training needed to remediate the issues and give you clean air flowing out of your air duct system.

  • Deliver a clean, safe breathing environment to your customers
  • Let us take care of the insects that are living in your HVAC systems

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Medical Facilities

Complete HVAC maintenance, cleaning, and restoration

Medical facilities have been rated to be the environments with one of the lowest of all in indoor air quality. Your healthcare facility demands attention, and with the amount of traffic, and the type of traffic, that goes in and out of the facilities on a daily basis, there is a dire need to call in a professional team that can take care of the HVAC system.

Healthcare facilities, whether they are hospitals, clinics or doctor offices, have to pay particular attention to indoor air as people who visit them are frequently ill and often have depressed or compromised immune systems, which make them more susceptible to developing adverse health reactions to poor indoor air quality. Also, healthcare workers may spend many hours per day in less than optimal indoor environments with potentially greater likelihood of exposure to infectious agents

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