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Local Air Quality Company Urges Companies to Clean their Air:

SARASOTA, FL – Total Indoor Environmental Solutions (T.I.E.S. 360), a local air duct, dryer vent cleaning and air conditioning repair company, invites local businesses and organizations to participate in the T.I.E.S. 360 “Clean Air Partners” initiative. Through this new initiative, T.I.E.S. 360 will perform a complimentary “Indoor Air Quality Audit”

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Can Air Ducts be Cleaned?

Can Air Ducts be cleaned? The short answer, if done properly, yes. However, this does not mean all air ducts can be cleaned. It is important that the ducts be inspected to determine if cleaning can be accomplished with out damaging the ducts. Tools & techniques for cleaning air ducts

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Duct Cleaning in Venice, Bradenton, University, and all the Surrounding Areas

Most homeowners and business owners know the importance of keeping a healthy and safe environment, but occasionally fail to maintain some aspects of building safety. This includes performing a regular duct cleaning service. With time, ducts accumulate a lot of dust, mold, pollen and other allergens which could be extremely harmful for building occupants. It can affect your breathing and

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