Why are leaking ducts bad and what can you do to fix them?

As an AC Contractor it has always astonished me how some clients look at leaking duct work as if it is a normal thing. So, let me ask you this, what if you had a plumbing leak? Would you let water actively leak into your home? Of course not, it could damage you home and possibly cause mold growth in your home. Believe it or not so could leaking ducts only you don’t see the air or the damage it is causing right away. Leaking ducts can cause drafty rooms, uneven temperatures throughout the house, high humidity causing wood swelling, excessive duct in your home and possibly hidden mold growth.

What are some potential issues of leaking ducts?

The first one everyone thinks of, is rooms that don’t cool well in the summer or heat in the winter. But what about the living space of your home going into a negative due to air leaks and pulling in unfiltered attic air? What is in your attic, insulation (lung irritant), pesticides, rodents and rodents fecal matter? It could also shorten the life of your AC system due to longer than normal run times and expensive air conditioning repair cost.

How do you get leaks in duct work?

It could be from poor original installation or just separation of duct seams over time. In South West Florida we have water and fruit rats who are very creative at finding ways into our attics and believe it or not they like the insulation in the duct work for building nest. Did you know that there is a disease found in Rat Feces called Leptospirosis, and it can cause kidney failure, meningitis and encephalitis of brain tissue in severe cases? Although not as serious, Salmonellosis is another condition that can cause real problems. IF YOU HAVE DUCT LEAKS YOU ARE BREATHING THIS.

How do I seal my ducts?

Here at Total Indoor Environmental Solutions 360 we use a process called Aeroseal to seal your ducts. This product was developed by the department of energy and we can quantify results when sealing the duct work in your home using this technology. Aeroseal seals the duct work from the inside out, no more messy mastic that is more of a band aide then a fix. The best part is that you have a 10-year guarantee that your duct work will not leak in that period and this process can be completed in a few hours, verses a few days like with a duct replacement.

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