What is the SEER ratio and why should I care?

A brand new air conditioning unit can both lower your monthly power bills and make your rooms much more comfortable. But choosing a unit that simply has the phrase “environmentally friendly” printed on the packaging does not necessarily mean you are getting a unit that actually uses less electricity and keep your home comfort.

What metric should you be using? The SEER ratio.

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What is the SEER ratio?

If there were only two types of air conditioners to choose between, your choice would be relatively simple.

There are, however, hundreds of different brands, sizes, and efficiency levels to choose between. This is where the SEER score comes in. This is a ratio that is used throughout all manufacturers to mark how energy efficient a unit is. The score is a distilled number that helps you make the right choice for your home.

This ratio will tell you how much cooling you get for how much power the unit uses. If you had a unit installed more than ten years ago, your SEER score is at least a ten. Today, a unit has to score at least a 14 in order to be sold.

These ratios are relatively easy to understand. If your unit has a score of 14, it is 40% more efficient than a unit that only has a score of ten. A unit that has a score of 15 would cut your power bills in half!

Why should you care?

This score is the best way to determine which unit is going to be the best for you and your home. It is an easy way to see which one will provide you with the best cooling, at the best price.

At the end of the day, all of this can be somewhat complicated. For answers to your questions regarding the benefits of a new air conditioner system, contact an experienced AC technician in Sarasota, today!

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