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Duct Cleaning in Venice, FLYou can do your best to keep your Venice house clean of dust and dirt, but you can’t keep everything out. Dust mites are all around, pollen comes in on pets hair, and mold is ever present in Florida. Your best defense is to schedule regular air duct cleaning to clean and remove contaminants. Air ducts recirculate the same air over and over throughout your house. While you are entertaining, relaxing, sleeping and more, you are breathing in the same air that has been run through your ducts multiple times. While your systems is drawing air, it is also drawing anything that is floating in the air, including pollen, fibers, hair and skin flakes and more. These particles get stuck on your air filter but many more make it through to your HVAC system and ducts. How do you know? Members of your family may start to experience respiratory distress, sinus problems, allergy flare ups and more.

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Ties 360 is proud to offer complete air duct cleaning services to Venice customers. This includes pictures of before and after, cleaning registers and vents, and a complete inspection. If you have air duct leaks that are letting in contaminants, we will find them. Or there may be comprising issues with your filter. We’re not done with a job until it is complete. Because of our equipment, experienced crew and full-service detail, we go beyond superficial cleaning to solve your air duct needs. When we leave, we take everything with us – the dust, the grime, everything. Your duct cleaning and vent cleaning is only as good as we contain everything that comes out.

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Vent Cleaning in Venice, FLFlorida is unique in that pollen is a year-round problem. Whereas many parts of the country are subject to weather patterns and seasonal changes, Florida is a perennial pollen state, mostly because there is never a hard freeze, including in Venice. The pollen schedule starts with trees in the spring, followed by grass during the summer and finally, weeds in the fall. However, because of the mix of native plants and introduced plants, the schedule may be increased to year-round issues. In addition, weather changes could mean a stop-start pollenation, and hard rains can amplify pollen issues. It’s for these reasons those with pollen allergies are advised to wash hair before sleeping, change clothes after entering their house and keep doors and windows shut. With the recirculated air from shut doors and windows, regular air duct cleaning, including vent cleaning, is more important to stop air from picking up whatever is present in the air duct system.

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