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The next thing that we hear a lot, the air passes by the UV light to fast to be effective. That is correct when you are referring to a single bulb installation. T.I.E.S. 360’s reason behind choosing the #APCOpurification system is the carbon matrix grid composed of a mixture of carbon infused with titanium dioxide. In layman’s terms we refer to this carbon grid as a type of filter. Organisms such as (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds, these compounds can accumulate in interior spaces and if unchecked theses airborne chemicals can build up to dangerous levels. We also like the option to add an additional bulb which we do on every install, this is not even an option with us.


As V.O.C molecules pass through the carbon matrix the are captured and held. The light from the UV lamp then shines on the matrix which breaks down the #VOCs into simpler components. We could bore you with the science behind this, but we figured you just wanted the simpler version. If anyone wants to know the science behind how this happens please let us know and we can explain it.


Finally, and probably what influenced my decision the most to offer this product exclusively is the test that was performed by Airmid Health group (a certified allergy testing lab). The test verified that the device has the capability to BOTH sterilize microorganisms and drastically reduce VOCs.


More importantly, testing was also performed by ASHRAE the (American Society of heating refrigerating and Air-Conditioning) Standard 52.2 duct system test. AHG revealed that the tests UVC inactivation results were:


Bacteria – 98.85%

Virus – 99.03

Mold – 78.8

Odors (VOCs) -99.9%


We want to thank Fresh-Aire UV, ASHRAE and UL for providing us with this information. At T.I.E.S. 360 it is our job to educate you so that you may make an informed decision on how to address the Indoor Air Quality in your home or place of business.


Please keep in mind that even with the effectiveness of this filtration system it still MUST be installed properly. Our technicians have had numerous hours of training to make sure that the APCO purification system is installed properly and performing to its full potential.


We believe in this product so much that if we install the APCO Air Purification system that we believe in, accompanied by a HEPA filer of no less than 4″ we will guarantee your air handler to be free of debris for life or we will clean it for FREE!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 941-504-2447

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