UV Lights in your home are Harming You!

So, we have been asked by some of my colleagues and clients if I would clear the air (no pun intended) surrounding UVC LIGHTING.

Let me first start by saying, not all contractors are properly educated about #UVClights. However not all UV lights are effective, some can actually make matters worse.

Here at Total Indoor Environmental Solutions 360 LLC we only offer one manufacture of UVC lighting and air purification systems. The only manufacture we believe in is #freshaireUV. We also prefer the air purification systems over the single UV light application. Allow me to explain why we feel this way.

The number one concern that we had when looking for an air purification system was finding one that did not produce any ozone. In many cases ozone can be more of a irritation then what we are trying to treat with the actual UV light. Our purification system of choice is the #APCO purification system. The APCO has earned the UL-2998 Validation for ZERO Ozone Emissions. For those that don’t know UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory. (UL) has created an environmental claim validation (UL-2998) which is intended to help wholesalers, contractors and consumers make an informed choice when selecting and Indoor Air Purification system that emits zero ozone.

Stay tuned for the next blog in which we continue our look into UV Lights!

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