In the State of Florida, Do You Need a License For Duct Cleaning?

Do you need to have a license to do duct cleaning in the state of Florida? The simple answer is: yes.

If you are cleaning central heating & air ducts as a business (you are being compensated for the cleaning), you do need a license. If you, as a homeowner, want to attempt to clean your own ducts, you do not need a license.

However, there are number of reasons why you might want to hire a licensed contractor to perform this task, rather than do it yourself.

Why hire a licensed company to clean your ducts?

There are a number of benefits that come along with choosing a professional air duct cleaning company for all of your duct cleaning needs. These include:

Better equipment

Using the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your ducts. A household vacuum simply will not do the job, no matter how frequently you have cleaned your ducts. Not only will you want a more powerful tool, you will want one with the right filters and construction to prevent the dust, dirt, pollen, and other substances that are sucked out of your vents to be redistributed back into your home.

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Even an everyday shop vacuum will not really do the heavy lifting that duct cleaning requires. When you hire a licensed duct cleaning company like ours, we will arrive ready to clean your ducts with the right equipment.

Better service

How do you know, when you clean your own ducts, that you have actually thoroughly cleaned them? You might be able to clean what you see from your grate or grill, but how do you know there is not a buildup dirt deeper in your vents that needs to be addressed? Hiring a licensed company ensures that your ducts are actually cleaned, rather than just aesthetically cleaned.

Even if you remove all of the dust and dirt that you can see at the end of the duct, there is likely still much more dust deeper in the vent that will just be blown forward into the duct and out into your rooms. A licensed company will ensure that your entire duct system is cleaned.

Sarasota duct cleaningBetter cleaning

It is easy to just vacuum up the loose dirt and dust in a vent, but it is much harder to actually clean that duct and get it back to its original state, when it was first installed. This requires a much deeper and more professional clean. Not only will a licensed company likely have the time and equipment to get your ducts perfectly clean, they will actually know what it means to clean a duct, so that you can be assured that your ducts are actually clean once they leave.

Better protections

It would be false to assume that there is only dust building up in your ducts. Ducts make a prime breeding ground for mold and other pests, not to mention the everyday dirt and pollen that can collect there. There are very real and dangerous problems that come along with having dirty ducts that are magnified when you are cleaning those ducts.

Not only do you need to have the right equipment that will remove and seal away anything that was in your ducts, but also the protective gear that makes it possible to really get into your ducts and get them clean.

A licensed company will bring everything they need to not just protect themselves from whatever might be lurking in your ducts, but to protect you, too.

Better guarantees

Working with a licensed company means you are guaranteed a much cleaner duct system when they are done. Many of these companies all offer a specific guarantee to back up the work that they do. When you clean your own ducts, you cannot be sure that you are doing it properly.

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A licensed company may offer you guarantees so that if your ducts need to be cleaned again in a certain span of time or some damage has been done to your ducts during the cleaning process, you have a recourse for remediating these issues, without having to pay out of your own pocket.

More experience

Nothing beats experience, no matter the business. Duct cleaning is no different. If you have ducts that need to be cleaned, hiring a Florida-based duct cleaning company that has years of experience is the perfect way to make sure that your ducts do actually get clean. They will know the techniques and the strategies that will actually provide you with clean ducts that stay clean longer.

They also know what damage looks like and how to identify other warning signs that might mean that you have a more significant problem than just dusty ducts.

While you do not need a license in the state of Florida to clean ducts if you are not being compensated for it, hiring a company that does have a license can ensure that you get cleaner ducts and have a much better experience with the entire duct cleaning process.

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