★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 | 03/14/2019

Quality: 5.0

Customer Service: 5.0

Value for Money: 4.5

Review by John & Elisabet H. in Fort Myers, FL

Project: Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents

They had the HEPA filter needed to clean these vents so it does not spread all over your home when cleaning. They also did NOT USE THE ROBO BRUSH but brushes that were the exact size of my vents. Covered everything with plastic. Spotless clean up afterwards and checked their work. Did not find any black mold or other mold in my unit. Complete cleaning of AIR HANDLER/air conditioning unit and drain lines. Checked pressure on the air conditioning unit and changed all filters too! Nice and clean now and dust/debris from construction work completely gone. Very kind/polite workers with knowledge about their job/work. I would recommend to my neighbors/friends and hire again if needed.

“We hired TIES360 to fix both problems. I got an old unit outside strapped down with hurricane pad (I did not even know I needed that) got the drain line fixed that was all messed, I got my air handler checked and inspected so I did not have to worry about that for a year, AND I got my ductwork cleaned complete with BEFORE AND AFTER photos so I could see the junk that was in there and how great it looked after they got it done. It was so worth my investment, and with a team of people that I feel I can trust. Definately recommend TIES360.”

We contracted T.I.E.S. 360 to clean our vent system & remove some mold. Anthony did a great job of educating us regarding air quality & how the crew would attack our problem. It was evident from the moment they entered our home that they take pride in their work & really care about their client. We highly recommend this company.

Judy Kuppe

We bought a 50 year old home last fall and needed an A/C contractor to handle some of the issues with our unit, as well as perform an inspection. We also learned that they clean out duct work, which was important to us. Starting out fresh in a new place, want to make sure everything was clean. We hired TIES360 to fix both problems. I had an old unit outside strapped down with a hurricane pad and had the drain line fixed that was all messed up. They checked and inspected my air handler, AND completely cleaned my ductwork with BEFORE AND AFTER photos so I could see the junk that was previously in there. It was so worth my investment, and with a team of people that I feel I can trust. Definitely recommend TIES360.

Matthew D Gour


Trustworthy professionals who take care of their clients! Our A/C was not running well in our office so we called Ties 360. They came out the same day to look into the issue and informed us of what needed to be done to correct it. They did not try to “sell” us nor did they push any additional services on us. I would highly recommend their services at Ties360!

Ashley Masuga

They had our air conditioning fixed within 3 hours of us CALLING them! I called recently to say our unit wouldn’t shut off. Jaime, the very helpful lady on the phone asked me to check the settings. She said she could have someone there in a hour. The settings were indeed off, it actually worked fine but how HONEST of her to save me a service I didn’t need.

Simone Dixon

I had T.I.E.S 360 come and do some general maintenance on my A/C systems. After doing a complete and thorough inspection they found mold in my duct work. Scheduled a appointment for two days later and their crew showed up on time and did an awesome job. They were very professional and clean I would highly recommend them.

Robert A DeLosh Sr

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chris northfield

We had Tony and Julian over for a duct inspection and were very thorough. They told us ducts were clean and clear and there was no charge. We called again when our air conditioning was failing and Anthony was quick to find the problem and …

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Response from business owner

Thank you Mr. Northfield for taking the time to review us . We pride ourselves on Honesty and Integrity. Glad we got you up and running quickly !

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gail hillyer

Anthony and Craig were wonderful. Came on time and very efficient. They could not be more friendly and answered all our questions In fact Anthony alerted us to a leak from out boiler and were able to call a plumber before it got serious. …

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Elisabet Hach

Yes I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor.

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Julie Jernberg

They were very friendly and professional. The main office follows up after the work is done to ensure the work was satisfactory.

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Julie Spuds

Downside: the prices seemed high. Upside: they are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

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