Why hiring a AC Company who can look at your system from a mechanical standpoint as well as Indoor Air Quality standpoint is important

Most companies that install, maintain, and repair AC units care only about whether or not that unit is functioning properly.

They clean vents in your home because it helps your system to run smoothly, not because they necessarily care about your indoor air quality. They service your unit to prevent it from leaking so that you get the most comfortable rooms possible, while expending the lowest amount of energy and money.

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But is air quality just as important to whether or not your system is working properly? There are some AC companies, like us, that believe that it is. Because the air inside your home or business is what you breathe, it has a huge effect on your health.

You’ve probably been in a home or office that has very poor air quality. Not only do these rooms smell musty, they feel claustrophobic. People actually have an immediate physical reaction to poor indoor air quality. It affects the mood.

For example, most office buildings, especially older office buildings, have very poor indoor air quality. This, in addition to poor lighting, can elevate the stress levels of everyone inside that building.

Prolonged exposure to poor quality air can have a number of significant health implications, ranging from allergies and asthma, to much more serious problems, like lung cancer. When you work with an AC company that cares just as much about indoor air quality and making sure your system is producing the highest quality air that it can, in addition to making sure your system is mechanically sound, your rooms will be much more comfortable and your system will likely last longer and need fewer repairs. Here are a few reasons you should hire a company that looks at your system from both a mechanical standpoint and an indoor air quality standpoint:

1. Indoor air quality and the mechanical functionality of your system are closely linked

If your system has a malfunction, chances are that your indoor air quality is not very good, and vice versa. You might be able to have high quality indoor air with a system that is running perfectly, but it is very, very unlikely. Poor indoor air quality can be a good indication that your system is not running perfectly. It is the first system that many people notice. When you start to see more dust or start to feel oppressed by the air in your rooms, this likely means that you are in need of some kind of maintenance or repair.

2. Indoor air quality affects you more than you realize

ac repair sarasota Most people do not realize just how deeply they are affected by the quality of the air that they breathe. If you have ever been a room for a long time and, over the time you are in that room, started to find it harder and harder to breathe, as the room becomes stuffier and stuffier, you have felt the effects of poor indoor air quality. A system that is working perfectly will push enough air into a room that you do not feel it getting stuffy or musty.

This is especially important during the summer here in Sarasota, when still air can quality become insufferable. A Florida AC company that cares about whether or not you have good indoor air quality and not just a system that seems to be running perfectly can ensure that you have a much more comfortable home or office during the season you use your air conditioning.

3. Mechanical malfunctions can very negatively impact indoor air quality

Some companies might let a small leak or dirty vents go for a season or two before recommending that you fix them, simply because small issues like these do not seem like they are a very big deal on their face. Companies that care about your indoor air quality, however, know that even these small issues can negatively impact your air quality and, therefore, should be addressed as soon as possible.

This goes double for leaks in your vents or vents that are clogged with dirt, dust, and other particles. A company that acknowledges this will be sure to address even small issues, so you do not have to worry about them affecting the quality of your air.

4. Companies that care about air quality and the mechanics of your system are more concerned about you than about getting paid

A company that doesn’t just want to make a small repair or do routine maintenance just because they want to get paid is more likely to care about you and your needs as the person with this AC unit. They take a more holistic view of your system because they actually care about whether or not you are happy with your system, not just getting paid.

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It can be easy to fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest AC company to make a necessary repair, but many companies do not care about whether or not your system is working well—they’ll make the repair, but they won’t ensure that you have the great indoor air quality you need.

Companies that care about both the mechanical and air quality aspects of your system will ensure that your system meets your needs.

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