Don’t hire any Florida companies to clean your Air Ducts until you read this!

After seeing several derogatory comments about air duct cleaning this week, I thought it time to clear the air about Air Duct Cleaning. There are a couple of key factors you should know before hiring a company to clean your (HVAC) system.

  1. Make sure the company you are hiring has at a minimum a class B license to perform duct cleaning in the state of Florida if they are removing the (grills) and or altering the Air Conditioning system in any way for compensation. Please click on attached link from the DBPR. Once on the page click the construction Industry link. For licensing information.

  1. Make sure they are a NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified company and that there will be a NADCA certified technician either performing or supervising the work. To confirm that the company is truly a NADCA certified company they will have a badge on their website to which you can click on verifying that they are indeed a NADCA certified Company.


  1. Make sure to check their BBB rating and if they are not a BBB accredited company or have a poor rating you may want to think twice about hiring them. Remember, no one is perfect, and they may have a couple of complaints. When it comes to TIES 360, I often say that you don’t know the integrity of a company until you see how they address the issue. I would be leery of any company that has no complaints at all.

When it comes to (duct) cleaning, understand it is just that, cleaning of the air ducts. Why would you want to have your duct cleaned then have dirty air from your air handler recirculated through your clean duct work?

I would encourage you to find a company that cleans the (HVAC) System. This includes the cleaning of the entire HVAC system which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This cleaning process can’t be done in a couple hours by one person properly. In most cases this is an all-day event with the use of 2 technicians.

Although there are many great Air Conditioning companies out there, their main focus is the mechanical aspect and not the IAQ aspect.  Most of their personnel are trained on being excellent service technicians. Once again, being a NADCA certified company holds us to a different standard when it comes to HVAC cleaning. For this reason, our technicians are trained in both the mechanical aspect as well as the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality aspect).

For the month of December only TIES 360 will send out an IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) to give a free analysis of whether the HVAC system in your home should be cleaned or not. We will implore the use of IR cameras, boroscopes and other tools related to inspecting the HVAC system in your home. There will be pictures provided of our findings if any.

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