Anthony Lenard

About Anthony Lenard

Anthony Lenard, the president of the company, has worked in the HVAC industry for over 16 years and has a reputation for solving most indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.
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Leaky Ducts

The best way to ensure that you’re not stuck with ‪leaky ducts ‬is to hire a trained professional that specializes in ‪‎duct leak testing‬. We can ensure that each duct is the right size, and that it produces the proper amount of ‪‎airflow‬ and ‪pressure‬. We at ‪TIES 360‬ can help ensure that your home’s [...]

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Attention Sarasota Realtors

Total Indoor Environmental Solutions 360 (TIES 360) is a local company providing Sarasota A/C inspections. Ideal for realtors who are representing the buyer or seller. We provide an inspection of the entire HVAC system to include the duct work and look for not only mechanical issue’s but Indoor Air Quality concerns as well. We provide [...]