Air Duct Cleaning top 3 tips and questions to ask

We have all made that call to get our AC fixed and then the technician says “You need to have your air ducts cleaned”. If this has happened to you or you are thinking about getting your air ducts cleaned then these tips are for you.

What about just fogging or sanitizing the duct work?

Here at Total Indoor Environmental Solutions 360 we believe that merely fogging the duct work is a band-aide and you would only be addressing the symptom instead of the source of the problem. The word Sanitize is illegal to use when in reference to duct cleaning. If you see a duct cleaning company using the word sanitize in reference to duct cleaning that should be an immediate Red flag.

What type of equipment should the contractor be using?

For an HVAC system to be cleaned properly it should be put into a negative. Here at Total Indoor Environmental Solutions 360 we accomplish this by putting the entire duct system under a negative using either our truck mounted vacuum or large portable HEPA vacuum collection units. With all vents blocked except for one and the duct system under a negative, we use different agitation devices depending on the type of duct work to agitate the debris in the duct work while the HEPA vacuum pulls the debris into the collection device. Due to our NADCA certification we have trained in the art of not causing cross contamination. For this reason, no dirt from your duct system will enter your home and cause a mess. As a matter of fact, one of our missions is to leave your house or place of business cleaner then we found it.

How much should HVAC cleaning cost?

HVAC cleaning done properly could cost anywhere from $650 to $1,650 depending on the size of the system, what we are cleaning for (dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, mold), the location of the AC equipment, and can we access the grills with a standard 6′ ladder. For those customers that see that add that says $199.00 unlimited vents, have you ever heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is my answer for anyone who has ever told me they got a duct cleaning for $199.00 and they feel they were ripped off.

For the month of December only TIES 360 will send out an IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) to give a free analysis of whether the HVAC system in your home should be cleaned or not. We will implore the use of IR cameras, boroscopes and other tools related to inspecting the HVAC system in your home. There will be pictures provided of our findings if any.

Please contact Ties360 to see how we can get the Yuck out of your Ducts.

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