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Total Indoor Environmental Solutions experienced consultants will help you determine which air conditioner repair or installation option best fits your needs and your budget and will work with you to schedule the work so it can be accomplished with minimal interruption to your schedule. The challenge of retrofitting today’s high efficiency air conditioning systems is that, while they have become more efficient, air conditioning units have also grown larger in size so it is more important than ever to have a consultant who truly understands the challenges with today’s air conditioning installations. TIES360 only installs top-quality air conditioners that carry the trusted names of leading manufacturers.

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As Floridians, we all know how important air conditioning is to maintaining your family’s comfort throughout the year as well as you do. Is your air conditioner not keeping your home cool and requiring more frequent repairs? It may need to be services and repair, or it may be time to replace the air conditioning unit. You will not only have a cooler home, but save significantly on your energy bill with newer, high efficiency AC units.

 Whether you’re moving to a new home or replacing an old and malfunctioning air conditioning unit, it’s important to seek out the most knowledgeable and experienced Sarasota AC installation team available.


Proper AC installation has a much bigger effect on indoor comfort than most people realize. The unit needs to be sized appropriately for the space, if it’s too small, it won’t be able to cool the space adequately. If the unit is too big, it may not run long enough to properly remove the humidity in the home or building. Additionally, duct work must be properly designed to avoid hot or cold spots, and the ducting needs to be installed correctly and sealed to avoid problems with air quality and energy efficiency.

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Sarasota AC Repair Services

Whether you are building your dream house or upgrading the AC equipment in your existing house, TIES360 will help you to make the best choice. Many Sarasota residents buy or use air conditioners without understanding their designs, components, and operating principles. Proper sizing, selection, and most importantly proper installation is key to to having a energy-efficient air conditioner.

We serve both commercial and residential properties with quality products from leading manufacturers and outstanding service, including installation, maintenance and repair.

Sarasota HVAC installation is one of our specialties at TIES360. Our HVAC professionals provide expert advice to best meet your heating and cooling needs.

Not every home is the same, and every air conditioner installation needs to customized to the home it will be serving. Our representative will advise you of the best way to maximize the efficiency, performance and proper installation of your central air conditioning system which is critical to energy efficiency and home comfort.

Whether you’re looking for air conditioning installation, furnace installation or installation of a new heat pump, turn to Total Indoor Environmental Solutions and receive professional, timely and friendly service.

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We bought a 50 year old home last fall and needed an A/C contractor to handle some of the issues with our unit, as well as perform an inspection. We also learned that they clean out duct work, which was important to us, starting out fresh in a new place, want to make sure everything is clean, etc. 

We hired TIES360 to fix both problems. I got an old unit outside strapped down with hurricane pad (I did not even know I needed that) got the drain line fixed that was all messed, I got my air handler checked and inspected so I did not have to worry about that for a year, AND I got my ductwork cleaned complete with BEFORE AND AFTER photos so I could see the junk that was in there and how great it looked after they got it done. It was so worth my investment, and with a team of people that I feel I can trust. Definitely recommend TIES360.

– Matthew

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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto is the preferred setting, this is to conserve energy and also helps to prevent humidity elevation in the home.

There is a vast array of answers for this question, the best way to answer this question is by performing an analysis in the home or building.

The system could be low on refrigerant charge, the fan or blower motor could be operating improperly, or the ducts could have leaks.

Regardless of how well your constantly running AC unit maintains the temperature and humidity of your home, it is still costing you money. An air conditioner unit is not meant to run constantly. They are supposed to bring a room to a certain temperature and humidity level, and then maintain the room’s conditions as needed.

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