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AC Repair and Air Conditioning Services in Venice, Florida

AC RepairUnfortunately, air conditioners never go out of service when it’s convenient for a business owner or homeowner.  It seems luck would have it you will need AC repair when you return at the end of the day, during the weekend or in the middle of a hot spell.  Luckily for residents of Sarasota County and Venice, the professional staff at Total Environment Indoor Solutions 360 are ready and able to respond to any air conditioning services with licensed and insured technicians available with flexible scheduling. While it’s not always possible to know exactly when your AC might go out, there are some warning signs the end could be near. If your AC is getting old and AC bills are getting higher or the AC repair company is coming out more than normal, it might be time to investigate installing a new air conditioner before it’s too late.  T.I.E.S. 360 not only carries top quality brands but also offers to finance. You know you can not live comfortably in your home without AC and the quality air conditioning services from T.I.E.S. 360 can make sure you are equipped for the next decade. The additional savings from a new energy-efficient model can surely help too.

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Air Conditioning ServicesBesides air conditioner repair and sales, T.I.E.S. 360 offers residents in Venice other services. The most common services we provide are Air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and Aeroseal. Aeroseal is a service that not only stops leaks along the AC ducts, it also helps to ensure even temperatures throughout all the rooms in your house. Too often we are called out because residents are complaining that the AC does not reach all the rooms evenly. Aeroseal is more efficient than taping ducts and has a 10-year warranty to back it up.

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AC Repair in Venice

Tourism comes from all over Florida and the world to find something you’d never expect – an abundance of shark teeth.  Venice and the surrounding area lie off an old riverbed where shark fossils collected for millions of years. As the seabed is eroded by ocean currents, fossils become exposed and wash up on nearby beaches and rivers.  Common shark teeth to find include those from Sand Tiger, Lemon, and Great White. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the extinct species of Snaggle Tooth or the mighty Megalodon. Visitors can come to Venice from Tampa or Miami using Interstate 75 and take advantage of other wonderful beaches in the Sarasota County area.

Venice was given its name from a settler that thought the nearby channels and lagoon looked like the Venice in Italy where he had grown up.  Apparently, he was not the only one as John Ringling named his Sarasota mansion Ca’d’ Zan or “House of John” in the original Venetian language.

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