AC Duct Cleaning - Your Indoor Air Quality Solution

Your heating and cooling system function as your home’s respiratory system, drawing air in and out. And according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, your building’s lungs may be sucking in more contaminated air than you realize. In some cases, the indoor air quality in your Cape Coral home or business may even be worse than the outside air quality.

Impurities such as germs might be found in your HVAC system. These particles can be dispersed as many as five to seven times per day in your home. This can result in health problems, particularly allergies or asthma.

How do you know if you need AC duct cleaning services?

Simply put, if your vent system appears to be dirty, it most likely is.

Although the majority of the ductwork in your home is hidden, the supply and return vents are visible. Is there any dust on them? Remove a vent cover and look over the ductwork. Is there caked dust on the metal?

Here are a few more indicators that you need professional AC duct cleaning:

  • Your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or air handler has mold in it.
  • When your heat or air conditioning is turned on, vents release dust.
  • Vents are clogged with dust, debris, and pet hair.
  • Despite regular cleaning, your home is exceedingly dusty.
  • Your house was built recently, had a major remodel, or experienced water damage.
  • Despite the fact that thermostat settings remain constant, your energy expenses are increasing.

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