How Humidity Can Make Your Allergies Worse

Dealing with seasonal allergies or year-round symptoms? High humidity levels, both outdoors and indoors, can significantly worsen your allergy issues. Whether it’s a runny nose, breathing difficulties, watery eyes, constant sneezing, or skin reactions, humidity can exacerbate your symptoms.

Here’s how humidity affects your allergies and tips to help reduce your symptoms.

Rainy Weather and Pollen Allergies
Rainy weather can aggravate allergies as it encourages plants to grow and produce more pollen. Heavy raindrops can break up large pollen clumps, especially from weeds and grass, making individual pollen granules more likely to become airborne.

Rainstorms with moderate to heavy winds can also spread pollen granules, sending them into your nasal passages, eyes, and lungs.

High Humidity and Mold Allergies
According to the EPA, mold allergies are common. Whether you know you’re allergic to mold or suspect it, you should understand how humidity affects your health.

High moisture levels indoors or outdoors promote mold growth and spread. Mold spores are lightweight and can easily be disturbed by air movement.

Outdoors, even a light breeze can kick up mold spores and exacerbate allergy symptoms. Indoors, mold in your HVAC system or elsewhere can reduce air quality and worsen symptoms.

Tips for Reducing Humidity and Improving Indoor Air Quality
If your allergy symptoms worsen during rain or indoors, try these tips:

Avoid Outdoor Exposure: Limit outdoor activities for a few days after a storm to avoid airborne pollen.

Monitor Indoor Humidity: Use a hygrometer to measure humidity levels in your home. Aim to keep indoor humidity below 50%. Use dehumidifiers to manage high humidity levels.

Test Indoor Air Quality: Conduct an indoor air quality test. If mold or other allergens are detected, consider using air purifiers to improve air quality.

Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning: Clean your HVAC system’s air ducts to remove dust and allergens, reducing their circulation in your living spaces.

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